Are you looking for the best l-shaped standing desks of 2022 that are available in the UK? If so, you’ve come to the right place. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at some of the top l-shaped standing desks on the market and give you our thoughts on each one. 

The buyer’s guide  

When it comes to choosing an l-shaped standing desk, there are a few things you’ll need to keep in mind. According to an expert from, there are 4 main factors: Size and Configuration, Construction and safety, Style and overhangs, Modern functionalities, and Price. We could not agree more than that! 

First of all, the size and configuration of the desk. Make sure that it’s big enough for your needs and that it has enough surface area for all of your equipment. For example, 60×24″ is a good size for most people but for gamers, it should be 72×30″ or even bigger 80×30″ 

Next, about the construction and safety of the desk. Make sure that it’s made from high-quality materials and that it has a robust frame. Also, check to see if the desk comes with any safety features, such as anti-tip mechanisms. Some high-end brands like Upliftdesk, Fully, or iMovR have anti-collision technology that will prevent your standing desk from hitting the wall when you adjust the height. 

Then, consider the style and overhangs of the desk. Do you want a sleek and modern look or a more traditional one? And how much space do you need for your keyboard, mouse, and monitor? Some desks have big overhangs while others have none at all. 

Finally, think about the modern functionalities that you might want in a desk. For example, do you want a desk with built-in USB ports or wireless charging? Or perhaps you want a desk with specialized storage options for your gaming equipment. 

So, without further ado, here are our top 5 picks for the best l-shaped standing desks of 2022: 

Flexispot E1L Standing Desk – best budget option! 

We start with the budget option first for those who don’t want to break the wallet. Around $500 it is easier for users to spend the money. 

The Flexispot E1L Standing Desk is a great option if you’re looking for a high-quality, affordable l-shaped desk. It’s made from high-quality materials, and it has a robust frame. Plus, it comes with a safety feature that prevents it from tipping over. 

About the warranty, it has a 5-year warranty for the frame and a 2-year warranty for the desktop. So you’re covered in case anything goes wrong. 

It’s also a great choice if you’re looking for a modern desk with built-in USB ports and wireless charging. Plus, it has specialized storage options for your gaming equipment. 

Another key feature is the lift capacity. It can hold up to 225 kg (500 lbs), which is more than enough for most people. 

For the tabletop options, you can pick between white and black. If you want a bigger size, then you can go for the 80×30″ option. For small space, it has a 60×30″ option. 

In terms of price, it’s very affordable. It’s one of the most budget-friendly l-shaped desks on our list. Starting with the price of $329, it’s a great value for the money. 

Another brand to consider when it comes to a budget standing desk, it’s Fezibo. Compare the 2 brands, we have to say that both Fezibo or Flexispot are very similar in terms of quality and features. 

So, if you’re looking for a great l-shaped desk on a budget, the Flexispot E1L Standing Desk is a great option to consider. 

Fully Jarvis – best l shaped desk overall  

Fully may not be the most stable desk when you’re using it at the max height. But the addition of a third motor for the L shape made this quite beefy. So you will not encounter the same wobble issue as with the rectangular units of the brand.  

The weight capacity is also one of the highest on our list. It is very sturdy and can be used comfortably for an elaborate setup. You can even share the space with a colleague or a member of your family in a home office setting, that’s also one way to save if a lot of you are in a WFH situation.  

2. fully l shaped desk

Aesthetic-wise, this is minimalist, but it can also be a sight for sore eyes. The desk is well made and the top looks very fluid and clean.  

Though you may have limited options for the desk sizes, both for the main and extension table. You will not have the same extravagant board of options as you did with Lander. It’s also fewer compared to Uplift. So, you have to be particular with the desk size should you go for a Fully L-shaped desk.   

The desk can go from 23″-48.5″. So, it’s great for petite uses, those with average height and who are slightly taller, say not above 6 feet. This might not be the best choice for taller dudes. 

The price is not too bad versus the size of the desk. You can get a decent tag, but not cheap and a very wide space of 72 x 72. By all means that means more zoning opportunities, you may even have to do three zones instead of just two. Comparing it to the other options on our list, especially our honorable mention of the Uplift, the price vs the working area seems the more economical. 

Customer service, warranty, and delivery, hands down to this brand. It has one of the best in the market. So, if you need a desk that can be delivered asap, this is one of the top choices.  

Uplift V2 L shaped desk – honorable mention 

Uplift may have a lot of similarities. From the customer service, the warranty, and the Jiecang motor used, it is Fully’s nemesis. 

Uplift does offer more desktop sizes compared to Fully. Construction-wise, they are almost the same.   

Though the standard desk of Uplift is a tad more stable than Fully. But with the L-shaped desk of both brands, they are like two peas in a pod. Both also have the same weight capacity. So you may also use the Uplift desk for more zoning. It may even give you more size combinations for the main and the extension desk. 

3. best l shaped desk from uplift

But Fully does offer more features for its L-shaped desk or any other units. You got more in-house accessories. So despite the limited size options, you can have more control over how advanced or upgraded you want your desk to be, that’s pretty much it.  

We’ve chosen the commercial V2 version of the L- shaped desk rather than the V1 since it is more stable. But keep in mind that this particular unit has a crossbeam, so that can be a nay or a yay depending on your preference. This also has the same crossbeam as Fully. 

For the height range, it can go from 25.3” -50.39” it can go higher by a few inches so those who stand 6’2” may still find it comfortable. But it may not be able to accommodate those who are on the petite side. Fully can go as low as 23 inches.  

iMovR Lander – best customizable l shaped desk 

iMovr is known for manufacturing one of the more advanced standing desks in the market. Even before Bluetooth function was a necessity, it already has most of its units mounted with this functionality. So those who are looking for a desk with more upgraded functions often have the Lander desk as one of their top options. 

But aside from this, the L-shaped desk of the series is also one of the more customizable ones. Hover over their website, albeit old and kind of outdated, and you’ll see a smorgasbord of options. Though it might not seem that enticing or tempting to dig into the pool of choices, you will soon realize it just has a lot.  

You just need to read through each thoroughly since it’s not laid out in a way that can be a feast for the eyes, there are just too many. 

For instance, you can close from 25 size combinations. It offers an array of different sizes for both the main and the extension desk.  

So no matter what your space requirement is, you can find something that will fit into your space. You can go for a smaller 24” desk and you can fit it nicely in your small apartment. Or if you need the largest working surface, you can get the main and the extension table at both 72 or 80 inches.  

As for the tabletop finishings and colors, the brand also has a lot of choices for your eyes to feast on. Also, you can opt to customize our standing desk with tons of accessories that the brand also carries.  

Apart from the more liberty to design your own desk, the Lander L desk is also very stable Stability-wise, you will have no qualms on this unit, or any iMovR desk. They are also known for being stable at all heights. All Lander desks have strongly built frames and beefy construction.  

The height range of this L-shaped desk is 24.5″-50.5″. So it can be sufficient both for petite and taller users. And If you are way taller lake 6’4” or above, you have an option to buy the desk with extenders, this can make them go higher without compromising the stability of the unit. This is also an area where the desk becomes more customizable. It’s rare for units to offer this type of option.  

The motor used by the brand is Linak, it is a higher quality one compared to what Fully and Uplift have on their desks. So that also makes the unit overall stronger and the transition speed a bit faster. It can rise and lower faster than Uplift and Fully. The legs are also manufactured by LINAK, so this is one sturdy standing desk. But of course, the rise of the Lander desk is anything but cheap. This is also what makes them more of a premium choice. 
 Customer service is also very good. The brand has reliable 24/7 chat support and you’ll be able to get in touch with them within a realistic time frame. But the delivery time is a different story, it will take some time. As such, this is not a desk that you would buy if you needed to use one asap. And in cases of returns, also expect a longer time for the item to be refunded.  


So, there you have it! These are our top 5 picks for the best l-shaped standing desks of 2022. We hope that this guide has helped you narrow down your choices and that you find the perfect desk for your needs. Thank you for reading and good luck!