Mods are a game-changer. This can amp up your gaming experience and break the monotony. That’s why there are hundreds to thousands of new mods sprouting. If you’re a developer it’s pretty easy to make your own. But if you’re not, you can still download and install new mods to your Minecraft every now and then

So we have made this tutorial to help you download mods with ease, even if you’re not much of a techie geek.

What is a mod

Mod is a gaming slang term and a short term for modification. It can refer to either small or big alterations. And it can refer to any aspect of a video game. It can be changes from the replay value, the way the game looks and behaves. 

And modding a game refers to the act of installing the mods to your game. Mods are often used by gamers for self-expression. It is by modding that they can make the game fit their preferences. They can even make it reflect their personality, 

That’s why mods have been becoming very popular. It allows the gamer to make changes to his game to his heart’s content. 

And it’s amazing how a single game can have hundreds to thousands of mods installed in them. That’s why there are websites that are dedicated to modding. So you can see how pretty serious players are with their mods. 

Mods are  extra codes that add on or replace anything in your game. 

How to Find mods without viruses

If you’re a developer, you don’t have to worry. Since you create your own mods, you’re hundred percent sure that it is free from viruses and malware.

But if you’re not a techie geek, you will still be able to install mods in your Minecraft sans the virus. 

You can find mods that are virus-free for Minecraft online. And here are several things to consider to be sure that you are downloading safe mods.

  1. Only download from reliable sites. In this tutorial, we’ll tell you later where the best site to download it is.
  2. Don’t just download any mod that caught your eye. Look for the more popular mods. These mods have been downloaded by more players. So you’ll be able to see some comments on what others have experienced.
  3. One key rule to remember before you install mods is that you made them yourself or installed those that are popular. 
  4. And make sure that you have a good antivirus program installed on your computers.

Minecraft mods

Downloading and Installing Minecraft mods on your PC

Installing mods on your PC is easier than you think. Now that you know how to pick safe mods, let’s start to install them.

  1. Open a browser. You can use Safari, Chrome, Opera, or whichever you prefer.
  2. Type in the browser Alternately, you can Google Minecraft mods and hit enter. But it’s best to use the first option.
  3. We are going to search in, is actually a pretty good website. It has tons of reliable Minecraft mods. 
  4.  Hover through the rightmost part of the page. You’ll see a search bar there and look for popular mods. There will be a bunch of mods that will appear. download-minecraft-mods 2
  5. Click on one of the mods and check the ratings. Hover through the end of the page and there you’ll see how many votes that Minecraft mod has. So if it has lots, then this can be a great mod to add to your Minecraft. You will also see how many people have downloaded it.
  6. Also hover through the comments section to see if there are any problems that some players have encountered. So that you know what you’ll be expecting. 
  7. Also, check for the requirements of the mods before installing. You also have to check for the version of the mod. Different mods have different versions. And you have to ensure that all the mods that you’re installing have the same version. Otherwise, they might not work together.
  8. Also, the mods will indicate what you need to download. The most popularly used is the Forge.
  9. Now, there are several ways to install Minecraft onto your PC. But the easiest one is by using Forge. So in this tutorial, we will be using Forge to install Minecraft mods.
  10. Now that everything is set, we can now download the mods. Hover through the bottom part of the page. There you’ll see an orange button that says download. Click on that button.
  11. Once you click on that orange button, the download will start. Your browser might ask you if you want to keep it, so just click on keep.
  12. Now let’s leave that for a while. And we have to download Minecraft Forge.
  13. Type In your browser, Alternatingly, you can also Google it.
  14. It will bring you to the Minecraft Forge website. Choose what version you want to download. It’s better to download a Forge version that’s the same with your mods.
  15. You’ll see two options on a red tab. You have to choose either to download the old version or the latest version. We’ll choose the latest version.
  16. Now hover to the red tab containing the latest version. Look for the Installer window icon and click on that.
  17. It will take you to a page with a black horizontal bar on top and a square dialogue box at the center. Do not click the dialogue box located at the center of the page. Instead, click on the skip button located on the black bar on top. This is an advertisement page, so we’ll just skip it.
  18. That will start the download.
  19. Once done, you can click on it to start running. And a Minecraft installer page will appear on your computer. You can now close the browser with the advertisement.
  20. Check the installer and make sure that the install button is checked. Then click okay.
  21. The installation will be done in a jiffy and it will notify you once the Forge has been installed.
  22. Before installing the mod that we have downloaded earlier, we have to check on your Minecraft first if it is working. So open Minecraft on your computer. 
  23. Once you have found Minecraft, launch it. You will be brought to a launcher page. Hover through the drop-down button on the upper left side and click profile. Then click Forge. This is the latest version of the Forge that we downloaded earlier. Then click Play.
  24.  This will prompt Forge to download and install the stuff that you need. And it will launch Minecraft for you.
  25. And the Forge will already be running. So when you check the Minecraft menu, it will already have a mods tab on the right side.
  26. Click on the mods tab. Then you’ll see that there are three types of mods installed- the Minecraft coder pack, the Forge mod loader, and Minecraft Forge. You’ll notice that the new mod that we have installed is not there yet. So we still have to install it.
  27. Quit the game. Now search your downloads folder and you’ll be able to see the new mod that we have downloaded earlier.
  28. Right-click on the mod, then click copy. We are going to move it over to the mods folder.
  29. Type in the browser presetappdata% then hit enter. You’ll be able to see several folders. Look for the Minecraft folder then click on it. Then double click on the mods folder. Then click paste. Then close the window.
  30. Now we’re going to launch Minecraft. See when you see the menus, click on the mods tab again. And you should be able to see the new mod installed along with the three installers that we have checked earlier.
  31. So you can check if it’s actually working and start playing. 

Final say

Downloading mods can make your game more exciting. And even if you have been playing Minecraft for a while, mods can make your game seem brand new! There are infinite possibilities with new mods. You’re sure to never run out of new mods to install.