Currently, tik tok is the widest social media platform. And it ballooned into popularity ever since the pandemic. Guess people are trying to find ways to entertain themselves amidst being in isolation or locked up in their homes. When you can’t go to the mall, why not make a dance video instead right?

How to download tik tok videos without a watermark

And if you prefer to be behind the scenes and not under the spotlight, you might settle with downloading videos and just watching them instead. But there is that annoying watermark! Don’t fret, you can still download tik tok videos without the watermarks. And we’ll show you how.

Method 1

Before we proceed, please keep in mind that you will only be able to download videos that are set in public mode. And of course, you also have to check if the user allowed the public to download their videos. You will be able to see that in the settings. Otherwise, you can be in trouble.

  1. Open the tik tok video that you want to download on your phone.
  2. Once you open a video, you’ll be able to see a share icon on the lower right corner of the screen. Click on it. 
  3. Then select save the video.
  4. This will automatically download the video to your phone or device. Just make sure to allow permission for tik tok to do so.
  5. Then search for the video in your phone’s local storage. This is the first step and it seems pretty straightforward. But the problem is, that there is this big watermark that is seemingly disruptive to your viewing pleasure. And as you can see below, the watermark is obstructing the kitty’s face.
  6. But keep in mind that removing the watermark doesn’t give you access to do anything with the video. This is to watch the videos offline without any distractions. And if you do decide to use the video or share it anywhere, always give due credit to the creator. So let us be responsible tick tockers.
  7. So, let’s proceed. Open the tik tok app on your phone and select the video that you want to download.
  8. Hit the share button again. But this time, instead of just saving, select the copy link. 
  9. Open your browser and type in the address box, You can download it either on your PC or your mobile phone, the process is the same.
  10. Now type in the link of the video that we have copied in the address bar. Keep the enabled video without watermark unchecked then click download.
  11. Select the tab with download mp4 now. This will download the tik tok video locally.

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Method 2

Alternatingly, you can download a tik tok video without watermarks by visiting

  1. So type it in the address bar. And once the website is loaded, you just need to copy the link of the video that you want to download in the search box. Then click the green tab labeled go.
  2. Select download mp4.
  3. Then select the download file to save it locally on your device.

Method 3

Not everyone will be able to access the website listed in number 2. So alternatingly, you can do this.

  1. Type in your browser’s address bar.
  2. Once the site is downloaded, paste the link of the video that you want to download in the search bar. Then select the get video now button in red.
  3. From the options shown, select the download video without a watermark.
  4. Then that’s it, your video will be downloaded locally on your device.

Third-party apps

There are several third aft apps that you can also use to download tik tok videos without the watermarks. Though the methods that we have mentioned above are preferred because you’re sure that there is no threat to your security and your privacy. 

But these third-party apps are legit. So let’s check them out. 

Method 4

Open www. in your browser. Then type in the link of the tik tok video that you want to download. Then hit download. The video will automatically be saved on our device.

Method 5

  1. Experts. ph is another app that you can use to download tik tok videos without a watermark. What’s unique about this app is that it is more versatile. It can also download videos from other social media platforms such as IG, FB, and Twitter.
  2. So hover through your address bar and type in
  3. Then type in the link of the tik tok video that you want to download on the search bar. Then hit download this will also automatically save the file on your device.

Method 6

If you want to download the tik tok videos in high-quality format, this is one of the best options.

  1. Type in in your browser’s address bar.
  2. Then copy the link of the tik tok video on the search bar and click download. This will save the file on your device.

Method 7

Our last option is quite useful if you want to download several videos at once. But this is only available as a chrome extension. Thus, it will only work if you have google chrome installed on your device.

  • So go to chrome google store and download tt downloader.
  • Now you can use it as you would with the other apps. But only with one exception, you can download more videos at once.

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Are these apps safe?

How will you know if these downloads are rated safe? The ones we have mentioned above are also recommended by a lot of reviews, so you don’t have to worry. But some people would avoid third-party apps, as this can pose more risk. 

What you have to do is to be mindful of the new scams that are invading a tik top app. For instance, a fake tik tok app, the tik tok pro became a nuisance in the mid-2020s. It is a malicious link that is being spread across WhatsApp. This led to the banning of tik tok in several countries such as the United States and India. Once you click on this link, this message will be forwarded to all the numbers in your contacts list. So the chain goes on and on. 

So the best defense is arming yourself with knowledge. You have to be in the loop, especially if you’re a tiktotker or if you regularly watch and download tik tok videos. Or at least if you do have a tik tok account, it helps to be in the know of the things that could potentially invade your privacy.

Thus, keeping yourself informed on the latest news on the usage of tik tok is one way to prevent yourself from falling prey to such scams. These scams may look very legit. So it’ll be hard to tell which one is fake. So you better do your research before downloading any new app. 

A lot of people, if not all, are using tik tok or have a tik tok account at least. That’s why scamming tik tok is such a lucrative business for these no good doers nowadays.