How to eradicate issues while importing data from iOS Apps to OneDrive?

As we know, the working method is changing because of rapid digital transformation. It is not necessary that the work should be done within the office premises. Expectations of Tech-savvy millennial and information workers are productive even when they are working remotely- from a client location, a cafe, their home or while traveling. In order to stay connected, updated, as well as accessing, and sharing their corporate content when you are away from the walls of the office.

Here are some issue related OneDrive for iOS app which may force you to scratch your head.

In case, you are facing these OneDrive for iOS app problems:

  • OneDrive for iOS camera roll issues
  • OneDrive for iOS sync problems
  • OneDrive for iOS camera uploads are time- consuming
  • Unable to see video or image thumbnails in OneDrive for iOS
  • OneDrive for iOS app crashing
  • Not able to access a file in OneDrive for iOS
  • OneDrive for iOS can’t upload a file
  • OneDrive for iOS can’t find this file

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If you are facing OneDrive for iOS camera roll issues, then follow the steps below:

In case, your automatic camera upload is working improperly or only some pictures are uploaded, then follow the steps to resolve the problem easily:

  • Update your camera roll by keeping it open – iOS secure some apps from sync in the background
  • Connect your device with Wi-Fi then, check your mobile OneDrive settings for camera upload on metered connections that are not disabled
  • Turn on your device’s Location Services. Location change is done just to trigger background activity and is recommended by Apple. For more details, visit on the official site of Apple
  • Some photos you may upload into Year > Month sub-folders within Camera Roll

If uploading images to OneDrive from iOS camera takes too long, you may need to seek expert guidance or follow the steps below:

If your camera uploads are consuming time to set up or look for photos, without sending an error message. This issue may happen because you are having too many images.

Please Note: that the delay can be time taking if facial recognition and photos location is included in the photos. This can take place because of slow network connection prioritizes downloads over uploads.

  • Move the unwanted photos from your camera roll to another folder
  • Disable optimize storage in iOS photo & picture settings
  • Uploading may take some time, so leave it overnight. For large amounts of data, especially if you also connected to iCloud, the upload process can take some time and signing out or reinstalling the app attempts  will begin the process again
  • You may have to open the OneDrive app on your device as to force synchronization
  • Ensure Settings > Battery > Battery Usage > OneDrive > Launch (options). Manage automatically option and a Manage Manually option will display on the screen.  To enable run in background you need to select Manage Manually option
  • OneDrive uses Location services that are used by OneDrive to wake up the app to check for new photos to synchronize in the background.

In the end,

This is how you can resolve common OneDrive for iOS app problems. Be careful while performing the steps if you perform any misstep then it can cause error. In case, you are facing any other issue related to these and are not troubleshoot then take help from customer service support as they are available 24*7.