ms word

Microsoft word is one of the most beloved Office applications among professionals of diverse business sectors. Easy to use, easy to set up and manage, even if you want to remove it, it’s only a matter of a couple of steps to follow.

What is complex in MS Word is actually the most annoying as well. Have you ever find yourself in a situation where the application takes a lot of time with configuration pane every time you open Word? If yes, then you have come to the right place to get rid of this annoyance.

Here we will discuss a couple of unique yet infallible solutions through which you can easily get rid of the configuration progress in your Word application:

When you double-click on your Word file, a “configuration Progress” pane appears on your screen. Before we delve into a solution to this problem, let’s take a quick glance at things responsible for the occurrence of the issue.

  • In the first scenario, you might have installed more than one version of MS Office Word on your PC. When you try to jump from one version to another, the configuration progress windows is very likely to appear on your screen. That’s quite reasonable.
  • In the second scenario, the issue may persist even if you have installed just one version of MS Office Word. Don’t think that your Word application is resistant to such issues as there might be plenty of other reasons at work in the background.

It is quite understandable that Configuration Progress is a time-consuming process and I bet you must know how to fix the issue. Before wasting any more time, let’s start with the first solution:

Edit the registry

1. In the initial step, click Windows + R keys simultaneously to open the “Run” Windows

2. Then, type “regedit” in “Open” text box

3. Click “OK”

4. A security messages will flash on your screen.

5. Click “OK” to further proceed

6. In “Registry Editor” find the following key

  • For Word 2010, you should look for the following keys:


  • For Word 2007, select the following keys:


  • For Word 2003, Select the following keys:


7. Now, all the values stored in Option folder will be visible to you. Then Right click in the empty space.

8. Select “New”

9. Choose “DWORD” value on the expand list

10. Next, you need to give the value a name such as “NoRereg”

11. Next, click right on the new value

12. Select “Modify” option to edit the value

13. Input “1” as value data

14. Then, choose “Hexadecimal”

15. In the last step, click “OK”

Method 2: Change Program files of Windows OS

1. First thing you should keep in mind is that the storage destination of program files for MS Word varies from version to version.

  • Thus, in case of Word 2010, choose the following destination:

C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\OFFICE14\Office Setup Controller

  • In case of Word 2007, choose the following destination:

C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\OFFICE12\Office Setup Controller

  • In case of Word 2003, choose the following destination:

C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\OFFICE11\Office Setup Controller

  • Let’s take the example of Word 2007:

2. Right-Click on “Setup” application

3. Select “Rename” option

In the end,

Word is capable of handling multiple tasks with ease but we cannot overlook a disturbing fact that Word is prone to several technical glitches. The first method works in both situations but includes a lot of steps. Second method requires fewer steps but works only in the second scenario. Since we cannot ensure everything we do on Word, the risk of losing critical data happens all the time.