Microsoft is about to bring a fascinating surprise for all Game lovers under the Scarlett project. The scheduled opening ceremony of Xbox two gaming console is getting closer with every passing day. The excitement is out in the air and the speculations, gossips, mirages, pre-launch rumors and premature predictions are growing all-time high. The gist of this article is to give you a quick glance of everything we know so far about the Xbox gaming console codenamed “Scarlett” that is ahead of its time.

If you’re eager to know what’s inside the next-gen Xbox Scarlett or Xbox Two gaming console, then you have come to the right place to quench your thirst for information. Everything that happened so far and everything that is expected to happen will be unfolded in here. Let’s throw some light on news, rumors, predictions, renders, leaks, etc. Steer your excitement with the ultimate guide to know what’s coming next out from the basket of Microsoft.

To gain a competitive edge over the PlayStation 4 Behemoth, it is clear that Microsoft is planning for some big announcements for the next round in the console wars. And, the speculations say that Microsoft’s “Xbox Scarlett” might overweigh the PS5 in terms of style and power.

Let’s take a quick glance at earlier releases of Xbox’s predecessors

The initial model of Xbox one was unearthed in 2013, and it’s successor Xbox One S surfaced in 2016 and then, came the most awaited version of Xbox One X mid-gen refresh in 2017 – by having a look at the release dates of previous models, you might be able to predict the month, date or year in which the Xbox Scarlett will be displayed for sale.

It’s been six years since the initial launch of Xbox one, and this new console is now lagging behind its expected release date, and Microsoft has made no secret of it. The new device is one the way along with multiple forthcoming devices, said Xbox boss Phil Spencer.

The most likely and predictable date for the release of Xbox two is the year 2020, according to the predictions of Industry analysts and that release schedule is backed up by inside sources.

It seems that Xbox Scarlett and PS5 both are going for head-to-head competition at E3 2020. We’ve high hopes from E3 2019 that we might see the previews and teasers of Xbox Scarlett of what’s inside the basket for users.

Microsoft is looking forward to introducing a gaming console that is powered with high-end features yet surprisingly affordable to pull as many gamers as possible into the chambers of Microsoft.

Due to the economic reasons, Microsoft might keep the prices as low as the previous ones, or may add a little extra charge depending on how people are responding to this new platform. Just remember that Microsoft, at present, offers a two-tier system for console buyers with both X and S models displayed at the same platform, at the same time, and there’s now the Xbox One S All-Digital Edition too.